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Yogaflow Candelo



0427 054 603





A weekly gentle Yoga class to stretch and release tension and restore body and mind

Yogaflow classes link slow movement with breath to release tension in the body and the mind to replenish ourselves. We also build mobility, functional strength and body awareness.

It’s created for:
Beginners or those who’d like to start yoga again
Those wanting to stretch the body and relax
Those wanting a recovery session to release muscles after regular workouts

The classes are crafted to allow every body to be able to do yoga, offering modifications to allow for limitations or injuries. The use of yoga props help support the body and still gain the benefits from the poses.

Yogaflow is a fusion of yoga styles that is accessible, enjoyable and makes us feel good. It supports our body and mind to help create more ease in our lives.

Registered with Yoga Australia
Member No. 7144

9.30 – 10.45 am each Sunday except for the Candelo Markets Weekend
4.00 - 5.15 pm on the Friday of the Candelo Markets Weekend
At the Candelo Town Hall

$10 per class

Please Register with Sandy before coming along and please bring your own yoga equipment.

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