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Tabandy Farm



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Homegrown Wool & Fibre, 100% Processed in Australia, Custom-Dyed, Wholesale Craft/Textile Artisan supplier, Knowledgeable Wool Expert.

Tabandy Farm wool and fibre is home to a boutique flock of mixed wool types and coloured varieties of different sheep breeds. Wool is transported from farm to Geelong for scouring and then to Bacchus Marsh for combing into beautiful wool rovings. The clean processed wool is dyed on farm to the customer’s specifications. Tabandy Farm sources and supplies rare wool and fibre from other local farmers within the Bega Valley. Tabandy Farm wool and fibre is an expert supplier for small or large projects and is a wholesale supplier to NSW Highschool’s Textile departments. Tabandy Farm Wool is trademarked by the Australian Fibre Collective

Tabandy Farm wool is soft and lofty, ensuring finished perfection for all types of projects for the home spinner, felt-maker and weaver. Handspun yarn made from Tabandy Wool provides luxurious comfort and durability with that classic elasticity and bounce of yesteryears 1970’s knitwear.

For felt-making, Tabandy Wool is perfect for the sculptural artist, ensuring quick and professional results each and every time. Tabandy Wool is unique to our farm because our sheep and their ancestors have lived here for 20 years and are managed by one woman shepherdess. Sheep have been sourced from pre-loved, rescued, or unwanted homes.

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